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How To Order A Mural

1. Choose Your Image

Browse Our Images: Shop By Category

Search: Use our site's search box at the top of each page

Use Your Own: Create Your Own

2. Measure Your Wall

Each of our murals is custom printed to exact size.

Enter Your Own Size: Simply measure and enter the height and width of the wall for your mural. You may have to use our cropping tool depending on your measurements.

Choose a Proportional Size: Select from our drop down menu of sizes to get the full image, no cropping needed.

3. Pick Your Material

Luxuriant™ Vinyl: Great for photos and images you want to pop!

SmartStick®: Removable material—simply peel and stick

Embellitex™ Canvas: Has the look of an artist canvas and gives a painterly feel

Eco Bella™: Earth intelligent and durable material with a subtle texture

Customization Options & Tools

Personalize: Modify the image to make the mural uniquely yours (see examples)

Grayscale: Change any image to grayscale

Mirror: Flip the image

Cropping Tool: The image may need to be cropped to fit your measurements, instead of distorting the image. Our tool lets you select your desired crop area

Favorites Tool: Save your image(s), size, material and customization options so you can easily access them later (learn more)

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