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Daycare Center Wall Murals & Wallpapers

daycare center with Aurora Wallpaper Mural

Inspiring young minds is the goal of any childcare center. It’s easy to create a fun, nurturing, and kid-friendly environment with wallpaper murals. With thousands of fun and educational images to choose from, a blank wall easily transforms into one that kids love. The options are as endless as your imagination.

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Recommended Daycare Center Wall Murals & Wallpapers

World Maps

World Maps

Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter





Woodland Creatures

Woodland Creatures



Space & Galaxy

Space & Galaxy



Jungle & Safari

Jungle & Safari

Why Work With Murals Your Way?

dedicated account managers, top-notch design services
family-owned-and-operated, highest quality fire rated materials

Featured Trends

Featured Artists

Customize or Personalize Your Mural

Murals Your Way gives you the most options to customize your mural! Below are just a few of the most popular graphics services for businesses. Let our graphic design team make your business stand out!

Use your own image or artwork

Create Your Own

No additional charge when you use your own image

Customize Your Image
  • Choose a pre-set size or set a custom size
  • Mirror (flip) your image (no additional charge)
  • Change to black and white (no additional charge)
  • Add business name or logo
  • Add a photo
  • Add or remove a section
  • Make a design change

Have more questions or need assistance? Contact us or call 888-901-8196 to talk with one of our business mural consultants

Most Common Customizations



Modifying around windows and doors

Adding branding elements (logos)

Click here for full specifications and installation instructions for all of our materials (including those not sold online).

See below for an overview of the four materials that can be purchased on our website:

Materials Eco Bella™ - Texture Prepasted Wallpaper SmartStick® Vinyl HD - Texture
Material Appearance Light Texture
Light Texture
Light Texture
Durability Most durable; with or without top coat Durable with or without top coat*** Least durable Durable with or without top coat
Fire Rating Class A Class A Class A Class A
Commercial Grade 14 oz Type II Commercial Grade 10 il/225gsm Type I Commercial Grade 7.08 oz Type I Commercial Grade 20 oz Type II Commercial Grade
Installation Requires paste Water activated adhesive backing
No paste required
Peel & Stick —
No paste required
Requires paste
Ease of Installation Easy — just like wallpaper Easy — just like wallpaper Easy for single panel murals Easy — just like wallpaper
Use on Textured Walls? Okay for use on slightly textured walls* Okay for use on slightly textured walls* Not Recommended Okay for use on slightly textured walls
Use in Humid/Damp Location? Yes Yes No Yes, with top coat
How to Clean Damp sponge, general cleaners Damp sponge, mild soap Dry cloth only Damp sponge, mild soap
Removable? Yes** Yes** Yes Yes**

*Wall texture will show through
**Paste residue will need to be washed off wall
***Please note that if you choose to top coat Prepasted Wallpaper, the removal is not as clean as without top coat and may cause damage to your wall.

None of our materials are recommended for outdoor use.

Fun and Friendly Nursery School Wall Murals

Wallpaper murals will make a dramatic difference in any Daycare center or Childcare setting. You can create an environment that is comfortable, friendly, educational and inspirational.

Durable & Long Lasting Daycare Wallpaper

At Murals Your Way, we provide numerous options for sizes, images, materials, and personalization. Our most durable materials, Eco Bella Texture and Vinyl HD – Texture, are ideal for high-traffic areas or where frequent cleaning is needed. Add even more protection with top coat, a clear, matte polyurethane finish. Not only does it withstand children’s handprints, it aids against scratches and makes cleaning the mural even easier.

Creative Spaces for Imaginative Minds

With thousands of fun and educational images to choose from, a blank wall easily transforms into one that kids love. The options are as endless as your imagination.

  • Dedicate spaces for learning with educational messages, maps, letters and numbers, and more.
  • Fuel playtime with exciting scenes or settings, from magic kingdoms and outer space to dinosaurs and jungle safaris.
  • Define different areas as places to play and learn.
  • Encourage teamwork and creativity with a coloring wall mural.
  • Captivate kids of all ages with Seek & Find wall murals.
For more inspiration and help selecting the perfect wall murals for your daycare and childcare centers, contact a Murals Your Way Sales Manager today at 1.888.558.0279. Be sure to ask for volume discounts if you are ordering several murals.

Covid-19 Update

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz enacted a Stay-at-Home mandate from March 28 through April 10, 2020. We want to inform you that the Murals Your Way production team will be following the mandate and temporarily closing until it is lifted on April 10, 2020. However, our sales and customer service team is still available and ready to help via phone or email.

Orders placed from March 27 through April 10 cannot be shipped during this closure. We will fulfill your order once the Stay-at-Home mandate has been lifted on April 10, 2020.

Please note that if you place an order, you may cancel it at any time.

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