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Monkey Wallpaper for Walls

Cheeky and playful, monkey wall murals and wallpapers are perfect for matching high energy environments both in homes and businesses alike. From detailed photographs of monkeys in the wild to cute, cartoon monkey pattern wallpaper for kids, our collection of monkey murals span a wide array of styles to match any interior, be it eclectic, adventurous, or silly.

Monkey Safari Walls

Monkeys can be especially fun for kids, and wallpapers or wall murals featuring monkeys are a great way to encourage imagination and inspire a playful, friendly atmosphere.

More Ways to Shop Jungle and Safari Murals

If you love our collection of monkey wallpapers and ape wall murals, chances are you'll also have fun in our other jungle and safari animal mural collections. From big cat pattern wallpapers to elephant wall murals, we have jungle animals of all stripes in our animal mural collections.
Did you have an idea for a monkey mural you can’t seem to find anywhere? Whether you’re looking for a specific type of monkey like an orangutan or capuchin, or you had a specific style in mind like monkey print wallpaper or baby monkey wallpaper, if it’s not already in our collection we can create a custom monkey mural for you! Either customize one of our existing designs or Create Your Own monkey wall art. For help getting started, contact us or call us at 888.558.0279. We’re here to help!

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