Polka Dot & Circle Removable Wallpaper Murals

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Dots, Circles and Interior Design

Interior décor that features dots or circles can be a great way to add an updated, fun feeling to your home. One popular method to add dots seamlessly into your home design is to use polka dot wallpaper. Not excited about the mess that comes with putting up traditional wallpaper? Don't worry. With removable wallpaper, the job is easy.

Which material is removable?

All of our wallpaper products are removable. However, our SmartStick material is a self-adhesive, peel & stick material. This is what people usually think of as "temporary" or "removable" wallpaper, as there is no messy paste to clean up when you remove it.

Be sure to choose "SmartStick" when ordering if you want a peel and stick material.

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