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Tree Wallpaper Murals

painted aspen trunks with some green leaves

Get closer to nature by bringing it indoors with tree wallpaper murals. Perfect for any setting, tree wall murals can help energize a space while also incorporating peaceful, natural tones. Our curated collection of tree wallpaper for walls includes birch and aspen trees, pine trees, bamboo, and much more.

Tree Wallpaper For Your Walls

Tree wallpaper offers design versatility; not only does it bring depth to an interior space, but it also adds texture and color. Our collection of tree wallpaper for walls is as vast and diverse as the forests that cover the Earth. Enjoy the colors and warmth of fall year-round with the Pocono Autumn mural wallpaper. Create a dramatic focal point using a lone tree, such as the Majestic wall mural, as an accent piece. Introduce a welcoming and whimsical vibe into your space with the Down To The Woods Spring wallpaper. No matter which you choose, tree mural wallpaper will bring the essence of nature within your interior space.

Tree Wall Mural Decor Ideas

Whether you want to transform your bedroom into a serene pine-filled forest or your hotel into a palm tree paradise, you can achieve the look and vibe your want with tree murals. With so many different designs and styles, there are endless ways to incorporate a tree wall mural in your home or business.

  • Make a bedroom feel even more relaxing by adding a deciduous tree wall mural with a soothing earth tone palette.
  • Place a tree branch wall mural on the ceiling to make it seem as though you’re actually in a forest.
  • Elevate your minimalist or hygge décor style with a black-and-white tree mural or birch tree wallpaper.
  • Give a conference room a pleasing view with a sweeping panoramic view of a pine tree forest.
  • Freshen up a spa or salon with a bamboo tree wall mural.
  • Amplify a cardio workout area view in a gym using wall mural of a forest path.

Can’t find the perfect treewallpaper mural? Upload your personal image to create a truly unique wallpaper! Our Create Your Own wall mural option makes it easy to do so.

Looking for a particular type of tree mural? Take a look at our other curated tree collections, such as aspen tree wallpaper, pine tree murals, birch tree wall murals or view our forest wallpapers.

Need help finding the right wall mural for your room? Contact us or call us at 888-558-0279. We're here to help!

Our Customers Say It Best:

Reviewer: Toni from Victoria, Australia

Mural: Mark Twain National Forest

I've never hung wallpaper before and was worried that it would be ruined if I made a mistake, but after carefully reading and watching all the instructions we gave it a go and all was good! We installed in a quite small room that has become our teenage daugher's study / hang out room... and she just loves it!

Reviewer: Harriet I. from FL, United States

Mural: Season Is Winter And Winter

Ordering was easy. Delivery was fast. Instruction for Installation was easy to follow and execute. I had bought a large forest picture from Ikea several years ago and did not like the look of the metal framing that came with the picture so my husband built a wood frame. I then came up with the brilliant idea of mounting a winter scene on the back so I could just turn the picture around and have a mural to match the season. We then decided it would look best mounted on brackets rather than hung on the wall. Check out my pictures......I love it - just what I wanted.

Reviewer: Megan H. from CA, United States

Mural: Bamboo Serenity

The quality, color and detail of the mural are excellent! My husband and I were able to get it up within an hour. It was so easy and effective, we're looking to decorate other rooms with murals.

Reviewer: Charity L. from Oregon, United States

Mural: Create Your Own

We built a newly renovated space for our youngest students with a theme of "The Natural World." We have an arched ceiling painted like the sky, green-hued flooring, and your large-scale mural at the end of the hallway. It is perfect! Thank you.

If you are unsure which mural would fit best in your space or you need a second opinion, call 888-558-0279 to talk with a mural consultant. We are here to help!

The Murals Your Way Advantage For Wallpaper Murals

Custom Sizing:
We print your wall murals on-demand to meet your unique needs. Because our pricing is by the square foot, there’s no additional charge for odd wall sizes.
Huge Selection:
Our curated galleries offer thousands of images to choose from, and in a variety of styles. Don’t see what you like? We can assist you in sourcing an image elsewhere for little to no cost.
Quick & Easy:
Our wall murals are simple to hang. With the help of a friend and a few spare hours, you can easily and quickly install a mural wallpaper.
Quality Materials:
We are constantly testing new materials to bring you the highest quality wall murals. We provide eight different wall mural choices and three types of window films, all of which are Class A or Class B fire rated.
Satisfaction Guarantee:
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your mural purchase, so we stand behind the quality of each wallpaper mural we print with our Love It Guarantee®.

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