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10 Top Office Wallpaper Ideas

Boosting Productivity and Style

By Becca O.
September 29, 2023

Looking to make your office the perfect space for work and inspiration? The design of your office has the power to improve your productivity just as much as its functionality does. With stylish and personalized wallpaper, you'll soon notice the positive impact your office design has on your workflow and mood. Enjoy the benefits of wall coverings that are motivating, calming, or energizing with custom office wallpaper.

Whether you're seeking home office decor ideas or ways to elevate your business space, it's easy to achieve the perfect office look with wall murals. Because every workspace is unique, here are 10 office wallpaper ideas to help you choose the best wall decor for your office space.

1. Go in for halves -- or thirds.

Are you set on a bold wallpaper design, but don't want your office walls to look too busy? To avoid overpowering your space, you can wallpaper just the upper half, third, or two thirds of the wall. When using an ornate pattern like the Grey Brer Rabbit William Morris-inspired wallpaper, balance the amount of detail by covering the lower portion of your wall with wood panel wainscoting or a solid paint color.

2. Wallpaper As Framed Art.

Want to give your office wallpaper an extra artistic touch? Frame it! Because our wallpapers are custom-sized, your office wallpaper can be ordered to fit your entire room, or just a smaller accent area. To recreate the look of large framed gallery art, you can hang a mural that is smaller than a full wall, then surround it with trim.

Another unique way to achieve a gallery wall feel is to hang empty picture frames over the top of your mural, drawing attention to its artistry. Behind your desk, a wallpaper mural can also serve as a beautiful video backdrop for virtual meetings

4. Create a work “zone.”

If you work from a home without a separate office “room”, your living room or even your bedroom might double as a workspace. To keep work and leisure separate, designate a work “zone” using wallpaper.

Placing an accent wall behind your desk will visually separate a multi-purpose space. If you live in a rental or think you might want to rearrange your space down the road - not a problem! Our SmartStick peel and stick wallpaper and Pre-pasted mural materials can be removed with ease if you choose to rearrange down the road.

5. Bring nature indoors.

There’s no better way to refresh your office space than with a serene nature wallpaper. A nature landscape photo like the forest river mural contains a calming mixture of trees, stones, and water. For an added level of artistry, go for an illustrated nature print like our botanical beauty jungle wallpaper. To turn your own nature photographs into wall art, whether its vacation pictures or photos from your garden, you can easily upload them to create your own mural.

6. Go for durability.

If your workspace is a high traffic or industrial environment, it’s important to choose wallpaper that will stand up to wear and tear. To make sure your wallcoverings hold up to the demands of your space, choose a durable material like our EcoBella Texture or Vinyl HD Texture wallpaper.

Our highly adhesive VersaGrip wallpaper can even be applied in Garages or outdoor work areas. For restaurants, hotels, and medical offices where cleanliness is important, add MicroBloc topcoat to your wallpaper for the highest level of protection.

7. Use designs to your advantage.

Struggling with an office that feels too small, or perhaps a bit too sparse? Luckily, with a wall mural and a few simple design tricks, you can overhaul the overall feeling of your space.

To give a tight room the illusion of height, choose a mural with vertical lines to draw your eye up and down. (example on the left)

A landscape panorama like the Misty Mountains Mural can also provide more width and depth. (example on the right)

On the other hand, if you’d like a spacious office to feel more enclosed, a mural on the ceiling, or even a complete wallpaper room wrap, can create a cozy effect.

8. Make Patterns Work for You.

With a scalable wallpaper from Murals Your Way, you get complete control of your wallpaper’s size and impact. Our scalable wallpaper patterns allow you to choose how large the design will appear on your wall, whether it’s bold or subtle. With a variety of pattern styles to choose from, you can experiment with designs that are bright and attention-grabbing, or more simple and subdued.

If you go with a large-scale pattern, choosing a light and simple design like the Banana Leaf Lines pattern wallpaper can have a lot of impact, without looking overly busy.

9. Add Natural Textures.

Fill your office with the luxurious natural textures of wood, marble, or brick - but with wallpaper! Faux texture murals are a unique way to bring warmth and dimension to your office. They also come without the hassle and expense of their real-life counterparts. Give your office walls a historic look with brick wall murals, the industrial look of concrete, or the natural charm of rustic wood with stunning accuracy.

10. Choose a detailed print for visual interest.

Does your work involve tapping into your creative brain? Adding a visually-rich mural to a creative space, like the bold florals of artist Bari J, may be the perfect thing to get your idea gears turning.

A detailed world map mural above your writing desk can inspire tales of far-off travels, while providing a scholarly look to your office.

We hope your brain is buzzing with creative ways to transform your office. Remember, the possibilities are endless with custom wallpaper murals! Whether you'd like to upload your own image to create a one-of-a-kind mural or have our talented graphics team customize a mural design just for you, we've got you covered. Don't hesitate to contact us for help or personalized recommendations. Murals Your Way is happy to help to turn your vision for the perfect office decor into reality.

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