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Palmenstrand 1 Wall Mural


Artwork by Amri Designs Exclusive Artist

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Sugar Plums
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A symphony in four parts, the Palmenstrand 1 wall mural presents you with the elements for a perfect tropical composition. To begin, the pale aqua water stretches peacefully from the shore to the horizon. Next, a white sugar beach claims your attention. Then, the green leaves of palm trees and shrubs shimmer in the sunlight, leading to the triumphant finale which is the deep blue sky artfully streaked with snow-white clouds.

Our Customers Say It Best

  1. Brenda S from FL, US
    Overall Rating: 5/5

    I love this mural...I feel like I'm looking out a window onto the was very easy to install..

    • Wall photo from Brenda S
  2. Dan M from NY, US
    Overall Rating: 5/5

    We ordered the self stick type.My wife and I were amazed at how easy to install this product.We did it in under an hour and best of all with no argument.I expected it to be like self stick shelf paper but it was so much better.

  3. Miss L from TX, US
    Overall Rating: 4/5

    Our beaches are brown. With this mural I come home to a breathe-taking view every time I enter my home. I love it! Looks like I am actually there, the only thing missing is the beach smell and wished it was bigger...

  4. Nancy J from MN, US
    Overall Rating: 5/5

    Absolutely love my mural. Easy to put up and looks great!!!! Would definitely recommend Murals Your Way. Love the web site too.

  5. Bonnie H from UT, US
    Overall Rating: 4/5

    I love the photo I chose for my mural. We did have a couple of problems, however. About 3 hours after installation the mural fell down halfway and stuck to itself. Peeling it apart was not easy and seemed to stretch it some making it so that we couldn't get out all the bubbles after the second installation. To prevent it from falling again we put in push pins at the top. Not ideal but better than having it fall again. Granted our wall was not perfectly smooth beforehand (orange peel texture) so that was probably the reason it fell. I also am disappointed in the overlap--it leaves a dark line right down the middle of the mural. Too afraid to double cut it to remove the overlap.

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