Beautiful and Relaxing Ocean Wallpaper & Sea Wall Murals

Enjoy the sea anytime, no matter where you are, with an ocean wallpaper mural. Not only do they capture the essence of open water, but open sea wall murals make for an eye-catching focal point within any residential or commercial setting. The cool blues and turquoise found in ocean wallpaper add a serene and calming effect to any interior space.

Because of the varying scenes, color palettes, and styles, open sea murals can be used in nearly all interior spaces. If you’re looking to add or further emphasize a nautical theme, the Ballston Beach mural wallpaper will create a stunning feature wall. Feel as though you’re at the water’s edge with the Beach Music wall mural while also incorporating a picturesque view. The Aitutaki Atoll I wall mural evokes a peaceful yet inviting mood with its swaying palm trees, appealing hammock, and pristine turquoise waters. No matter which ocean wallpaper mural you choose, it’s a perfect way to freshen up your home or business and incorporate a spectacular design.

Ocean Wall Mural Decor Ideas

From magnificent beaches that meet up with the ocean and stretch as far as the eye can see, to stony cliffs where waves crash angrily against the jagged rocks, there are a number of wonderful sea wall murals to choose from.

  • Evoke a calming ambiance in a bathroom with a soothing ocean waves wallpaper.
  • Add a dynamic design to a teen bedroom with a surf scene of barreling white-capped waves.
  • Use a stunning sunset beach wall mural to create a breathtaking view in a restaurant.
  • Place an ocean mural wallpaper depicting a calm, sunny day in a senior living center to soothe residents.

Looking for a something other than ocean wallpaper murals? Our curated collections of water wall murals, river and lake wallpaper murals, and waterfall mural wallpapers all capture the beauty of nature and give a sense of tranquility. Or, upload your personal image to create a truly unique wallpaper! Our Create Your Own wall mural option makes it easy to do so.

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