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Gym Wall Mural Ideas to Motivate People

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50 Motivating Wall Mural Ideas for Gyms

Even experienced fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes know that when you’re in the middle of a grueling workout, it can be tough to find the motivation to push through. People new to the gym may need an extra catalyst just to get started on their fitness journey. That’s okay — everybody starts somewhere. As a gym owner, providing that inspiration will set you apart from competitors who just set the equipment out and leave guests to their own devices.

A fitness center mural is a fun, affordable and effective way to drive your members to new heights whether they’re doing strength training, cardio, sports, cycling or another other gym activity. They’ll want to keep coming back and might even get their friends to do the same, making a mural a smart investment on many levels.

The hard part is coming up with the right design — but that’s where Murals Your Way can help. We’ve put together 50 gym mural ideas to motivate people based on the type of gym you operate and the audience you serve. Many of these murals are great for home gyms as well, providing impetus wherever you train.

Black and white photo  of an athletic woman lifting a dumbbell

Fitness Gym Murals

For some people, the best way to get motivated for a training session is to see others doing the same. Even during late-night and off-peak hours, they can get their drive from the right fitness mural. There are many different types of fitness centers, and you’ll find appropriate workout murals for all of them, including:

  1. An Athletic Woman Lifting Dumbbells Wall Mural will greet people with a “get pumped” attitude when they head to the weight rack.
  2. A Medicine Ball Wall Mural spurs people who are working on a strength, coordination or physical therapy program.
  3. A Fitness Dance Class Mural Wallpaper is the perfect way to get people’s feet moving when they step into an aerobics studio.
  4. A silhouette Workout Warmup Mural Wallpaper reminds people how important the warmup is for any physical activity.
  5. Exercise murals like the Plank Wallpaper Mural provide motivation while also demonstrating the correct technique for best results.
  6. The Why Settle for Average Fitness Wall Mural inspires everyone to not be content with being one of the crowd and constantly challenge their limits.
  7. Our Couple Exercising Wallpaper Mural shows how working out brings people together and how a training buddy can add.

Road Gym Murals

Getting and staying fit is a journey, making a road mural the perfect metaphor. They’ll remind gym-goers that they should enjoy the process as much as the destination. Consider these road wallpaper murals for your fitness center:

  1. A Scenic Highway Drive Through Colorado Wall Mural adds breathtaking beauty to a gym and will provide extra energy.
  2. A Looking Forward (Suchocki) Wall Mural emphasizes the need to not dwell on the past and keep pushing for a better future.
  3. Add a cool retro touch with a Vintage Gas Station on Route 66 Wall Mural that symbolically lets people know they need to stay fueled up.
  4. A Hong Kong City Lights Mural Wallpaper brings the intensity of the big city into your gym to subconsciously recharge tired legs.
  5. A Long Desert Road Mural Wallpaper signifies the almost unlimited possibilities of fitness and the beautiful unknown that lies ahead.

Sports Murals

Many people are coming to the gym to increase speed, strength, stamina or dexterity (and sometimes all four) to get better at their favorite sport. That makes athletic murals a great choice for gyms as well as performance centers and locker rooms. Pick the action up with any of these murals:

  1. A Cross Country Runners Wallpaper Mural will be a perfect background to the treadmill area and perhaps inspire people to try a new program.
  2. Set the tone for your weekly HIIT spin classes with a Downhill Wall Mural featuring a bike rider charging down the open road.
  3. A Diving In Wallpaper Mural is a great addition to aquatic centers, encouraging people to embrace the water and find their inner swimmer.
  4. Line the basketball courts at your gym with a Basketball Player – Dunk Mural Wallpaper depicting someone swooping to the hoop.
  5. If your fitness center has tennis and racquetball courts, add a Tennis Smack Wall Mural to get people ready for blasting serves and sharp volleys.
  6. A Floodlit Football Stadium Wall Mural captures the energy of a big game and funnels it into every lift, agility drill or sled push.
  7. Get into the ring with The Boxer Wallpaper Mural which offers a classic display of power for any sort of active functional training.

Word Cloud Murals

The right words can go a long way toward spurring people to do that extra set of squats or add that final sprint to their run. By hanging a word cloud mural, members will feel like they have someone standing next to them offering encouragement from start to finish.

  1. The Exercise, Fitness, Training Word Cloud Wall Mural is filled with workout-related words and terms in a sleek grayscale style.
  2. A Motivation Word Cloud Mural Wallpaper combines actionable advice with reminders of why someone is working out and what they’re striving for.
  3. Staying healthy is about more than just exercise, and the Healthy Lifestyle Word Cloud Wall Mural is an expression of the many factors that go into fitness.
  4. For the people who need a kick in the pants, the Aggressive Fitness Word Cloud Wall Mural is full of inspiring sayings about staying tough in the face of adversity.
  5. Others might prefer a pat on the back, and the Positive Word Cloud – Blue Wall Mural provides it with uplifting words and phrases.

Nature Gym Murals

Connecting with nature helps people focus on their thoughts, turning them into energy and motivation so they feel rejuvenated. Even in the middle of a busy city, a nature wallpaper mural will invigorate by giving them a break from the hustle and bustle.

  1. An awe-inspiring landscape mural like the Stanley Lake Wallpaper Mural provides motivation through the power of natural beauty.
  2. Place a Cotton Candy Clouds Mural Wallpaper on the wall or the ceiling to open the space and signify that the sky is the limit.
  3. Use a mountain mural like the Yosemite Half Dome Wall Mural for an astonishing view that is a metaphor for scaling the fitness peak.
  4. A San Juan Sunrise Wall Mural makes every gym visit feel like someone is turning the page and starting the next phase of their fitness journey.
  5. For those who find their passion in the raw side of training, A Leopard – Serengheti, Tanzania Mural Wallpaper and other jungle wallpapers focus on primal motivation.
  6. A Rock Climber at Sunset Wall Mural combines nature and sheer athleticism to establish the right attitude at an indoor climbing center.

Zen Murals

For some gym junkies, the motivation to work out is relieving everyday stress and finding their inner calm. Help them do so with a Zen mural that harnesses their motivation and keeps them in control for a better, safer workout.

  1. Place a Colors in Meditation Wall Mural by the massage chairs or warmup area to help gym-goers find their centering force.
  2. The Relax Pebbles Mural Wallpaper delivers the message to not get too tense during a workout and thus hurt performance.
  3. Conversely, a Dream Pebbles Wall Mural is a reminder to stay as steady as a rock and never lose track of fitness goals and aspirations.
  4. Use a Balance Rocks Wall Mural as an expression of how important it is to have harmony whether it be someone’s workout routine or their day-to-day life.

Beach and Tropical Murals

Although hard training is a must to get results, it’s also a leisure activity for most people that should be fun. A beach and tropical mural can make every workout feel like a vacation. Check out these beach wallpaper murals for your gym.

  1. A Hawaiian Palm Trees Wallpaper Mural fills a fitness center with a sunny disposition that gets people in a great mood to tackle a workout.
  2. With the Tropical Blue Ocean Wave Mural Wallpaper, the natural power and force of Poseidon is bottled up and released at any time of day.
  3. A Surfing Safari Mural Wallpaper is a great motivator showing that the more work someone puts in at a gym, the bigger waves they can ride on the weekends.
  4. If someone has hit a stumbling block in their program, a Tropical Rainbow in Thailand Wall Mural tells them that there is something beautiful waiting if they can make it through.
  5. A Wild Waters Wallpaper Mural uses the imagery of galloping horses on the beach to help people get in the saddle for their next set.

Transportation Murals

Want to help someone get moving? A transportation mural is a great way to do so. Images of fast-moving and soaring objects will get people amped up and ready to go full speed ahead toward their destination.

  1. Hang the Break on Thru Mopar Wall Mural that adds a bold surge to a workout space and showcases just how powerful you can be.
  2. With an Alaska Railroad 2 Wall Mural, everyone will be full speed ahead through the hills and valleys of any workout program.
  3. A Moto Cross, Mongolia Wallpaper Mural is ideal for gyms with a young, thrill-seeking audience that likes to push beyond what’s thought possible.
  4. Pushing too hard can lead to injury, though, and a boat mural like the Sailboat Voyage Wall Mural is a reminder that slow and steady is often the best approach for lasting results.
  5. Are your clientele ready to fly above the pack? The Hot Air Balloon (Wall) Wallpaper will have their workouts going up, up and away.
  6. Few things get the adrenaline flowing like airplanes, and a Go for It Wall Mural sends a motivational message to anyone second-guessing themselves.

Science and Tech Murals

More and more people are applying scientific principles to their workouts, using this knowledge to train safer and more effectively. Embrace this with a science and technology mural that offers a futuristic take on fitness motivation.

  1. Our Running Man and Running Woman Network Connection Wall Mural designs represent everything that goes into becoming a great athlete.
  2. Use the Science Lab Wallpaper Mural to encourage people to take a smart, analytical approach to their training for more gains and less injury risk.
  3. The Glowing Data Circuit with Light Trailers Wall Mural symbolizes the globalness of working out and how it crosses boundaries.
  4. The 3D Model Car Mural Wallpaper combines technology, transportation and movement, showing all the little things that make up a successful workout.
  5. A Switched On Mural Wallpaper tells people to turn the light on and get to work — and shows how even a little light/motivation can go a long way.

Personalized Gym Murals from Murals Your Way

Are you feeling motivated to add a stylish mural to your gym? Shop at Murals Your Way. We have been assisting businesses and homeowners for more than 40 years with customizable fitness center murals that are printed in the U.S. Get them printed in any size to fit your walls with commercial-grade materials such as Vinyl HD™, EnvrioPro™, EcoBella™ Smooth and frosted window film. Each mural is made to order, so we can add your business logo, a motivational message or anything else.

Even if you didn’t see the perfect mural in our picks above, that’s okay. We have thousands of licensed images available, so browse our collections or use the search bar to find a new favorite. You can Create Your Own gym mural as well — simply upload a high-resolution image of a photo, drawing or graphic you own and we’ll take care of the rest.

To get started, contact us or call 888-558-0279 to get in touch with our customer service team today. Or browse our full collection of wall murals online.