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How To Use Wallpaper Patterns In Any Space

Wallpaper has re-emerged and made its way back into mainstream décor, and it’s clear to see why; with easier-than-ever applications and endless designs, today’s wallpaper is just as versatile as paint. But how do you introduce patterned wallpaper into your space that won’t look dated quickly or overpower a room? Here are some tips and tricks to successfully use wallpaper patterns in any space.

Scale for Success

Scale is everything when it comes to wallpaper patterns. The pattern size you choose can make a room appear either larger or smaller. Generally, you should coordinate your pattern scale with the size of the room; small room, small pattern, large room, large pattern. However, rules are meant to be broken! Small spaces, such as a bathroom, powder room, or closet, can benefit from large, oversized patterns. Not only does it liven up the space, it can also make it feel bigger. A small pattern is great for larger rooms where windows and doors break up the space. Small scale wallpaper patterns add visual depth, with hints of colors and design.

Find Your Direction

When deciding to add wallpaper, it’s important to think about what you want to achieve within a room or space. Do you want to make a room feel wider? Horizontal patterns help achieve this. Looking to add height to a room? Vertical designs – like stripe pattern wallpaper - make walls feel taller and ceilings feel higher. Want a surprising element? Consider adding a wall mural to the ceiling! Not only is it unexpected, but ceiling wall murals add contrast and a sense of playfulness.

Hide Flaws

If you have wall imperfections or architectural eyesores, wallpaper patterns can successfully (and easily) mask these flaws. Whether you need to cover an entire room or just a small, isolated area, pattern wallpaper is a simple and stylish alternative to drywall or plaster work. Besides prepping the wall and selecting an appropriate wallcovering material, the secret to camouflaging physical flaws with wallpaper patterns lies in the design you choose.

Color Cue

Color is a powerful element in interior design. It sets the overall tone of a space, can change the shape or size of a room, and even influence your mood. Warm colors, like red, yellow, and orange, add excitement to a room and increase energy. Cooler hues, such as green, blue, and violet, are calming and can make a space feel more relaxed. If you’re someone who likes to redecorate, try to pick a wallpaper pattern with a few different colors. That way, you can change up the room’s accessories without totally redoing the entire space. Another great option is to choose a removable wallpaper pattern. When you’re ready to refresh you space, you can easily remove the wallpaper and add a new design or pattern.

Pick a Pattern

Floral & Botanical
Floral and botanical prints are arguably the most popular pattern wallpaper. It’s a versatile pattern that has endless iterations; you can choose from small and dainty prints or oversized and moody designs, and opt for vibrant, cheery colors or more muted, subdued tones. No matter what your décor style is, chances are you can find a floral wallpaper pattern that will match.

A huge hit among lovers of modern, retro, and midcentury-modern styles, geometric pattern wallpaper is one of the most diverse styles to choose from. They can appear fun or dignified, laid-back or delicate. Whatever look you choose, geometric wallpaper pattern instantly impacts a space. If the graphic look of geometric wallpaper is too much for a full room, consider using it only as an accent wall.

Freely Scribbled
If you love abstract and intriguing design, Apartment Therapy’s 2020 Pattern of the Year will appeal to you. This particular design is whatever you make it to be - sharp and bit geometric, linear yet soft, or bold and brushstroke-like – the possibilities are endless! Freely Scribbled is a perfect way to introduce a fun, playful look to your interiors.

Tropical Leaf
Tropical leaf patterns aren’t just trendy, they’re also versatile enough that they can be styled to match your décor, whether it’s boho or glam or traditional. The various green hues present in tropical leaf patterns freshen up your space while infusing a soothing ambiance. From classic banana leaf prints to palm fronds with bold hibiscus flowers, these removable wallpaper patterns will turn your space into you own little slice of paradise.

Stay True to You

As with anything, go with your preferred, natural style. After all, it’s an expression of who you are! Whether your tastes lean more toward subdued and traditional or bold and modern, there is a wallpaper pattern that will match your style. Keep in mind what sort of colors, patterns, and styles you’re most drawn to. This will help you choose a pattern wallpaper you’ll love for many years to come.

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