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Dino Valley Landscape Mural Wallpaper


Artwork by Howard Robinson Exclusive Artist

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Volcanoes spout smoke in the background of this landscape which features a variety of vividly-imagined prehistoric creatures. A tyrannosaur sports tiger-like stripes and a large jaw full of sharp teeth. The stegosaurus has two rows of bony plates along its gray back and a yellow pterosaur prepares to land.

Our Customers Say It Best

  1. Cesar L from CA, US
    Overall Rating: 5/5

    My son is 6 years old. He loves Dinos, and he loves his murral. He was able to name most of the dinosaurs on it. He just loves it.

  2. Genevra from IL, US
    Overall Rating: 5/5

    Beautiful colors and imagery. So much better than we even imagined! My daughter loves it, and my husband and I are both very impressed by the quality. Easy to install too!

  3. Lia from NJ, US
    Overall Rating: 4/5

    At first I was really irritated. I followed all the instructions perfectly, but the mural fell off the wall while I was at work. Because it is one big sticker you can imagine how difficult it was to straighten it out. The second time I put it up it stayed. I made sure I went in and ran my hands over it every few hours to make sure it stuck to the surface also used a dry/unused paint roller over it to make sure it stuck to the wall. Overall, I would buy another one. It looks great in my sons room.


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