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Interior Designer Tips of the Trade: Kari Whitman

Kari Whitman

About Kari

Kari Whitman, celebrity interior designer, is one of Hollywood's most sought-after talents. Her clientele include celebrities like Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Antonio Banderas, Charlie Sheen, and Orlando Bloom. A high-end residential, commercial design and construction firm with offices in Los Angeles, New York City, and Aspen, Kari Whitman Interiors has completed projects all over the world for athletes, actors, and even royal families!

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A Few of Kari's Top Tips for Interior Design:

1: Mix Old With New

Kari believes in mixing vintage styles from different time periods with new and modern elements. She frequently reuses furniture and decor to design cost effective, stylish spaces that are good for the planet. According to Kari, "You can make something your own by upholstering, cutting the arms, changing the legs, or updating the wood color with stain. The end product is really your own expression and a reflection of your personality." Kari likes to call this technique: "from trash to treasure!"

2: Don't Forget Your Ceiling!

Applying wallpaper or a mural that is not too thick on a room's ceiling can achieve amazingly glam results. A room will feel bigger with a small pattern overhead and a painted accent trim.

Ceilings are a great way to create warmth and wow-factor for a room, so don't overlook them!
Metallic Ceiling

3: Be Creative with Your Walls

With wallpaper, Kari will often take little black or silver metal accents and frame the outside of the wallpaper and mural. Introducing metallic tones like brass can be really elegant and glam.

How To: "Make the mural smaller than the wall and paint the border of the wall black (about 2 to 6 inches will do). The black border makes it look like a painting—embellish this with small brass or golden nail heads really close together all around to give the artwork a modern touch. You can repeat this effect if you have a door to a bedroom with glass paneling in it—put wallpaper in it to make it pop!"

4: Lighting is Everything

"Something as simple as old Edison light bulbs can have a big impact in a room." Either as a pair of pendant lights or a hanging chandelier, having a well-lit space goes a long way. Before hanging your statement chandelier, try adding a square piece of wallpaper with an eye-catching design to the center of the fixture under the base. Your light source will breathe a new life!


As Seen on CBS's The Doctors

For The Doctors show on CBS, Murals Your Way partnered with Kari Whitman Interiors to provide a healthy and eco-friendly design for the home's master bedroom. For the multimillion dollar healthy home giveaway, we used our new Eco Bella product, which is made of recycled material and contains no PVC, lead, plasticizers, or heavy metals—perfect for the ultimate health-conscious residence. Kari's vision came together with a pair of brilliant blue butterfly murals and breezy white linens in order to create a glamorous master retreat that is relaxing and spacious.

Kari Whitman's design for CBS's The Doctors

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