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Designer Tips & Tricks: Melanie Gaboriault

Designer Tips of the Trade: Featuring Melanie Gaboriault

"The key to creating a design unique to my clients is to listen more than I talk. I feel it is my job to tell their story through design, to reflect their individuality through the elements I choose. A home is an expression of its owners, who they are and how they live. Understanding that requires a lot of listening. I feel it is my job to bring it all together -- the personality with the functionality."

"I have been an aficionado of design since I was a child. I was the only kid I knew who saw the charm and character in an old home, or appreciated the burst of color a fabric table cloth would add to a bedside table. So in essence, I feel I've been designing spaces all my life. I now focus my design efforts on residential spaces in the Vancouver, BC area."

DESIGNER TIPS: 1. Use textiles to inject color and texture. Color evokes emotion, pick the colors that are aligned with how you want to feel in your space. 2. How a space looks is only one half of the design, the other is functionality...to be a truly good design it has to achieve both. 3. A place for everything and everything in its place.  The need for storage in any design is crucial and should be thought through at the initial design and planning phase. 4. Creativity and individuality are what makes each home different and true to its owners.  Express yourself through your artwork—murals can help you do that. Click here to start shopping >

"I have used [murals] in an office space to support the theme. The use of a mural can be a bold statement that can represent a passion or a memory. When choosing the mural image for a project it is all based on expressing my client's individual personality.

"I also love the use of murals in commercial office spaces. In one I represented the names of the meeting rooms which were geographical areas of the province. So sitting in the Grassland Room one feels like they're sitting in the middle of a field instead of within four interior walls. It created an organic feel, a view where there wasn't one."

Designer Tips of the Trade: Featuring Melanie Gaboriault

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