Frequently Asked Questions

Materials & Care

What’s the difference between traditional wallpaper and wall murals?

Wall murals are wallpaper’s contemporary and customizable counterpart. Because each wall mural is printed on-demand, you can ensure it will perfectly fit your space. Wall murals are printed on 52” wide panels, making it faster and cheaper to install compared to standard 25” wallpaper rolls. Our range of quality materials are durable, fire-rated, and easy to remove. You also have the option to personalize your wall mural; add a name, change the colors, incorporate design elements, or use your own photo or artwork. The choice is up to you!

Are wall murals 'do it yourself'?

Yes. Most customers install their own murals. Our Eco Bella™ and Vinyl HD - Texture murals go up much like wallpaper. Our Prepasted Wallpaper is very similar to wallpaper, however the adhesive is already on the backing. Our SmartStick® material is very similar to a peel-and-stick wall décor. If you prefer professional installation, please click here to find a Professional Installer in your area.

Are the Smartstick®, Eco Bella™ - Texture and Vinyl HD - Texture murals pre-pasted?

No. Our Eco Bella™ - Texture and Vinyl HD - Texture murals will need to be applied with paste. Our SmartStick® material is a peel-and-stick wall décor. You simply remove the backing when placing it on your wall. However, our Prepasted Wallpaper is prepasted. To activate the paste, spray a fine mist of lean water to the pasted surface.

Which material works best for textured walls?

  • For lightly textured walls (orange peel, knock-down), we recommend our Eco Bella™ - Texture or Vinyl HD - Texture materials, which have a textured backing. Materials with a smooth backing and smooth surface, such as our Prepasted Wallpaper and Smartstick® will reveal the texture or imperfections of the wall surface much more than Eco Bella™ or Vinyl HD. SmartStick® and Prepasted Wallpaper are NOT recommended for walls with texture.
  • For heavily textured walls (wood-paneled, cinder block, or any other rough surface) we recommend installing a liner paper, followed by 2 coats of flat latex paint, prior to installing your mural. Liner Paper is simply blank wallpaper which covers irregularities in the wall surface, allowing the wall mural to adhere securely to the textured wall.

Can I use your murals outdoors?

Our material VersaGrip is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It's ultra-durable and has a strong adhesive which allows it to adhere to rough surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, brick, and more. VersaGrip is NOT recommended for drywall installation.

Can I use your murals on glass or mirrored closet doors?

Our SmartStick® is a great option for glass, because it does not require paste, which would show on the "back" side of a mural. Please note that the image will not be printed on both sides and the material is not translucent.

What is the most durable material?

All of our materials have great durability, however, our Eco Bella™ - Texture material is the most durable and scratch-resistant. We recommend Eco Bella™ for high traffic areas or areas where children will have contact with the mural. For added protection, a top coat can be applied.

How easy are they to clean?

  • For our Eco Bella™ - Texture material, you can clean your mural using general purpose cleaners or water.
  • For murals that are top coated, simply wipe the mural with a damp sponge.
  • For murals that are not top coated, you can lightly wipe with a dry cloth, but they can discolor if scrubbed harshly or if exposed to liquids for cleaning.

What is Dry Erase Film?

Create a writable, erasable surface with Dry Erase Film! This clear gloss 2-mil film is designed for use with Expo Dry Erase markers. This attractive dry erase film can be added to any gallery or custom image. Dry erase film can be added to Eco Bella™ or Vinyl.

When do I need a protective topcoat - what is it?

Protective topcoat is a clear, matte, polyurethane finish that is applied to your mural by our production staff. Topcoat adds extra protection to the surface, aiding against scratches as well as making cleaning the mural much easier without damage. We recommend the application of a protective top coat for any murals that are in high traffic areas, kids' rooms, or areas with high moisture.

MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat is a clear coating that is applied to your mural by our production staff. Selecting MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat for your printed wall mural in healthcare facilities, dental offices, hotels, washrooms and more will resist product deterioration caused by mildew and mold fungus, inhibit discoloration on the product caused by mildew, mold and algae, and guard against the growth of bacterial odors on the product. By controlling unwanted microbes, MicroBloc helps to keep your mural fresh, clean, and odor free.

MicroBloc and our regular polyurethane topcoat are not available for EcoBella™ Smooth or SmartStick peel-and-stick murals.

What is MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat?

MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat is a clear coating that is applied to your mural by our production staff. We have combined the antimicrobial benefits of MicroBloc with our polyurethane topcoat to provide surface protection for your printed wall murals. This protection extends the life of your mural. It is recommended for murals that will need to be cleaned often or are in high traffic areas where they may be rubbed or touched on a repeated basis. Selecting MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat for your printed wall mural in healthcare facilities, dental offices, hotels, washrooms and more will resist product deterioration caused by mildew and mold fungus, inhibit discoloration on the product caused by mildew, mold and algae, and guard against the growth of bacterial odors on the product. By controlling unwanted microbes, MicroBloc helps to keep your mural fresh, clean, and odor free.

MicroBloc is not available for EcoBella™ Smooth or SmartStick peel-and-stick murals.

Which materials are fire rated?

  • All of our materials are fire rated at different levels. Check your building codes or with your fire department to find out which rating your application requires.
  • Our Prepasted Wallpaper, Eco Bella™ - Texture, Vinyl HD - Texture, and SmartStick® have a Class A fire rating.

Which of your products are Commercial Grade?

All of our products are commercial grade. Eco Bella™ - Texture - Type II, Class A. SmartStick® - Type I, Class A. Prepasted Wallpaper - Type I, Class A. Vinyl HD - Texture - Type II, Class A. For additional Type II Commercial materials click here

Is the mural surface shiny?

  • No, the murals are not shiny. Eco Bella™ - Texture, Prepasted Wallpaper, Vinyl HD - Texture, and SmartStick® all have a matte (non-shiny) finish.

Can the murals be back lit?

Our SmartStick® material is somewhat opaque, which will allow some light to pass through it. Depending on the mural's design, the amount of ink on the mural that will also impact how much light can pass through the mural. You can request a free, non-printed swatch here, to test the material, or you can order samples for $10 that have your specific design printed on them by clicking the 'order a sample' link on any product page.

Can I install a wall mural in a bathroom or other high-moisture area?

For high-moisture areas, such as bathrooms, humid or damp basements, or pool areas, we recommend our Vinyl HD – Texture material. The addition of our protective topcoat will help further protect the wall mural from moisture. If you suspect moisture exists behind the wall, consider choosing our MicroBloc Antimicrobial Topcoat. MicroBloc inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mildew, and mold.

What is the best material to use for kid's rooms?

For kids' rooms, we recommend our Eco Bella™ material, as it is our most durable option. Our Vinyl can also be used, however top coat is highly recommended.

What is the best material to use for high traffic areas?

If your mural is going to be in a high traffic area or area where it will need to be cleaned frequently, we recommend our Eco Bella™ material, as it is our most durable option. Our Vinyl can also be used, however top coat is highly recommended.

How do I hang a wall mural?

  • Our murals are installed just like wallpaper, although they are wider than normal wallpaper so you have fewer seams.
  • Our Vinyl HD - Texture and Eco Bella™ - Texture are installed just like wallpaper, and you must use wallpaper paste.
  • Prepasted Wallpaper requires no paste. Using a wallpaper hand sprayer or household spray bottle, activate the paste by spraying a fine mist of clean water to the pasted surface.
  • Our SmartStick® material is peel and stick, so no paste is required. However, it can be a little trickier to line up panels of SmartStick®, as you don't have the ability to 'slide' the panels like you do when using paste.

Which is the easiest material to install?

  • Depending on the application, the easiest material to install can vary.
  • For small, one panel murals, many find our SmartStick® material to be easy to install and remove because it requires no paste.
  • For larger, or multiple panel murals, Eco Bella™, Prepasted Wallpaper or Vinyl are easier to install, as you can 'slide' the panels to match up before the paste sets.

Will my wall be damaged when I remove a wall mural to redecorate?

If the wall prior to installation is prepped correctly according to the Installation Procedure, the removal of a mural should not damage your wall. If the mural is double cut however, there may be damage to the wall if you cut too deep during installation. Eco Bella™ - Texture, Vinyl HD - Texture, and Prepasted Wallpaper may leave a water soluble glue residue that can be removed with a wet sponge.

What options are there for renters or temporary use?

  • Our SmartStick® material is often chosen for temporary applications because it is self-adhesive, so there is no paste to clean up when you remove it.
  • Grommets can be added to our Canvas material and can be hung instead of pasted to your wall. Just contact an account representative or call 800-588-0279 to have grommets added to your canvas mural.

Can I remove & reinstall a SmartStick® mural?

Although some have had good luck with removing and reinstalling a SmartStick® mural, we do not guarantee that it will work. Many factors can impact the effectiveness of the adhesive, like dust or debris, damage during transport, fresh paint behind the mural in the new location, and others. We only recommend SmartStick® as a single installation.

How well does SmartStick® stick?

Our SmartStick® material sticks very well when the installation instructions are followed completely. This includes properly cleaning and preparing your wall, installing on a smooth surface that has been primed and painted (at least 30 days prior).

Are the canvas murals on a frame?

  • No, our canvas does not come on a frame. It is rolled onto a tube, just like wallpaper. You can choose to stretch a single panel mural on a frame, but please note, multiple panel murals are not able to be stretched on a frame and will need to be installed with paste.
  • A better option for a canvas mural to be hung without paste is to have grommets added, then hang the mural from the grommets. Simply contact us for assistance with adding grommets to your mural.

How do I get a sample of your materials?

  • You can get a free, unprinted, 4'x 6' swatch of our materials by visiting this page. This is great if you want to touch and feel the materials themselves, but haven't decided on an image.
  • If you would like a particular image printed as a sample, they are available for $10 each. Just visit the product page for the mural you are interested in, then click on the 'Order a Sample' link, which can be found under the Add to Cart button on every product page.
  • You can also have a strike-off of any image printed, which is a portion of the mural printed at full size to show colors and image quality for $35. Please contact us or call 888.588.0279.

Sizing & Cost

What sizes are available?

  • Our images: Minimum size of 24 square feet, with no maximum.
  • Your image/custom murals: No minimum required size, with no maximum.
  • You pick the size based on the size of your wall and whether you want it to fit the entire wall or a portion of the wall.
  • Each mural is printed on-demand based on your size preference.
  • You may need to crop or stretch a particular image to meet exact measurement.

Why is there a minimum size?

There is a minimum mural size of 24 square feet on our gallery images, due to artist licensing requirements.

Is there a maximum size?

There really is no maximum, within reason. The direction of the image may determine a maximum size more than anything. A person wouldn't want to take a vertical image and stretch it to fit a hallway because of the way it would distort an image. If you have questions about making an image work, give us a call. We will help you determine how best to put a Murals Your Way mural on your wall.

How much do the murals cost?

Prepasted Wallpaper

  • Using our image: $8.25 per square foot based on finished mural size.
  • Using your image (custom mural): $8.25 per square foot based on finished mural size. Minimum prices apply.

SmartStick® Peel & Stick Wall Covering

  • Using our image: $10.00 per square foot based on finished mural size.
  • Using your image (custom mural): $10.00 per square foot based on finished mural size. Minimum prices apply.

Eco Bella™ - Texture Eco-friendly Wall Covering

  • Using our image: $10.25 per square foot based on finished mural size.
  • Using your image (custom mural): $10.25 per square foot based on finished mural size. Minimum prices apply.

Vinyl HD - Texture

  • Using our image: $11.00 per square foot based on finished mural size.
  • Using your image (custom mural): $11.00 per square foot based on finished mural size. Minimum prices apply.


  • Using our image: $12.00 per square foot based on finished mural size.
  • Using your image (custom mural): $12.00 per square foot based on finished mural size. Minimum prices apply.

Frosted Window Film

  • Using our image: $9.50 per square foot based on finished mural size.
  • Using your image (custom mural): $9.50 per square foot based on finished mural size. Minimum prices apply.

Photo Contest

Do I need to send a receipt?

No. A receipt is not necessary to enter. Winners may be required to provide proof of purchase.

When is the deadline?

The contest is ongoing.

1st quarter submission deadline - March 31st

2nd quarter submission deadline - June 30th

3rd quarter submission deadline - September 30th

4th quarter submission deadline - December 31st

Entries received after the dates above will be submitted for the next contest. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the contest at any time without notice. Changes will be posted on our website. Decisions are final and not subject to review.

How will winners be notified?

Winners will be notified by phone or email.

Do I retain the rights to my photo?

Yes. However, by entering you give Murals Your Way the perpetual, non-exclusive rights to use the photo in any way, including but not limited to advertising and promotional use.

Will my non-digital photo print or slide be returned?

No. The photo you send becomes property of Murals Your Way and cannot be returned.

Using Your Own Images/Artwork for a Mural

What if I’m unsure my image is of high enough quality for a mural?

Feel free to call or email us. Tell us your concerns about the image, and we will help you determine its quality and/or if the quality is to your satisfaction. We want you to love your mural and will do everything we can to ensure your image turns out the way you want.

High-resolution images are recommended! Files must be 500KB to 20MB and in a .jpg or .png format. Scanned or vector artwork is also accepted.

Why can't I do a mural from a developed picture smaller than 8 x 10 or a thumbnail web image?

A developed image (in a small size) can't be scanned at high enough quality to expand the image into a wall mural. However if you have the negative of the photo, we will more than likely be able to generate a mural. Photographs taken with a digital camera at least larger than 6 megapixels will work best. The output of your mural is only as good as the input of your photo or image.

What Should I know about copyrights?

  • By uploading your image and using the Murals Your Way 'Create Your Own' custom wall mural service you represent and warrant that (i) you lawfully own or otherwise lawfully possess all necessary rights with respect to your image submission, (ii) your image submission does not and will not infringe or otherwise violate any intellectual property or privacy right of any third party, (iii) you have obtained written consent or permission to use the images and likenesses of every identifiable individual who appears in your image submission, and (iv) you are not using this service for any unlawful purpose.
  • A copyright gives its owner the right to copy, distribute, publicly display or create derivative works from the original work. A copyright also gives its owner the right to license those rights to others.
  • Murals Your Way respects copyright laws and has the right to reject or refuse to print any images that do not follow copyright laws or that do not comply with our core values. Please make sure you own the rights or have permission to use any of the images you upload for us to print.
  • We will never use, sell, promote, or print any of your images without you prior written consent - it's your work and it can't be used in any way without your permission.
  • The files you upload are stored on our secure servers and may remain there for back-up purposes in case you need a reprint or your piece is damaged in shipment. If you want us to permanently delete your images from our server please let us know when you place your order and we will gladly comply. Otherwise files may be deleted off our server every six months without any notification. Make sure you back up your images.
  • Murals Your Way cannot be held responsible for mailed photos that are lost in transit or damaged during delivery.

Can I purchase and use an image from a stock photo site?

Yes, but it depends on the size mural you want. Give us a call and we can help you make sure you have the right quality and size for a mural.

Can I use an image found on the Internet (like Google images?)

Most likely the quality will not be sufficient for a mural. Also, you likely will need to have permission from the copyright holder.

Can I use editorial images for a wall mural?

Most of the time, no. Murals Your Way does not have any Editorial Use Only images on its website. The only way in which you can use Editorial Use Only photos for commercial use is when you’ve personally secured these releases and obtained permission from the person(s) depicted in the photo/video and the owner of the location(s).

Can I create a collage mural with my own photos?

Yes, you have two options: 1. Create the collage yourself, then send us the final image. 2. Send us the images and we'll create the collage for an additional fee. Here is more information about Murals You Way Custom Collage Service

Ordering & Shipping

Can you expedite my order?

Murals are printed to order and typically print and ship within 4-7 business days. If you need your mural sooner than 10-14 days, please see the chart below for expedited production and shipping options or contact us at 1-866-624-1976.

Production Option Shipping Option Average Number of Days to Receive Mural*
Regular Production FedEx Ground 10–14 days
Regular Production FedEx 2 Day 8–12 days
Regular Production FedEx Overnight 7–11 days
Rush Production FedEx Ground 7–10 days
Rush Production FedEx 2 Day 4–7 days
Rush Production FedEx Overnight 3–6 days

*If you have selected the option to add protective topcoat or Microbloc Antimicrobial Topcoat to your mural, that will add one day to the estimates above.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes. We welcome international orders and will ship to all locations served by FedEx International Economy. Please email us or call if you have any specific questions. You can also visit our international shipping page for information about international shipping or submit your shipping address info within our shopping cart to find FedEx International Economy charges.

What is your return policy?

If you are unhappy with the quality of your mural we will work with you until you are 100% satisfied. Please see our Return Policy for more information.

How are the murals packaged?

Each mural comes rolled around a tube and then wrapped in a protective paper. The mural is then placed in a 59' x 5' x 5' cardboard box along with protective plastic end caps and foam inserts. This packaging exceeds FedEx required standards.

What if I want a mural created for an image not currently offered on Murals Your Way?

Please give our customer service department a call (1.866.624.1976). We will be able to check on the availability of your desired image as a mural.

Do you charge sales tax?

Sales tax is charged based on the shipping addresses in the following states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington.

Will I receive a shipping confirmation/receipt for my order?

After you place your order you will receive an email confirmation with your order details. Once your order has been completed and ships, you will receive an email with a FedEx tracking number to monitor delivery.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Klarna.

Do you have a pay over time option?

Yes we offer Klarna.

What if the gallery image I want is now discontinued?

Please contact us and tell us which image you want. We may be able to receive permission from the artist or licencor to sell a discontinued image.

How do I customize an existing mural image?

We can add elements to an existing image such as adding your name or logo. We can also add photos to an image, add or remove portions of an image or make other design changes. Check out our personalization page or give us a call to learn more.

Can you print a mural in black and white or mirror an image?

Yes. Select the grayscale option on our product page to convert the image to black and white. You can also choose to mirror or flip any image.


What is Klarna?

Klarna is a global payments provider that works with retailers to give customers the smoothest online shopping experience by providing unique payment options and superior customer experience. Klarna has 2,500 employees around the world and is leading the way for alternative payments by serving 70 million consumers and 170,000 merchants. Learn more.

Can anyone use Klarna?

You will need:

  • A US-issued debit or credit card
  • To be 18+ years old
  • A US billing address
  • An SMS-capable phone number

How do I pay in 4 interest-free installments?

Select 4 interest-free installments to split your purchase into equal payments, charged automatically every two weeks beginning at the time your order is confirmed (usually the shipment date). No bills are sent - you can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy your purchase. View complete terms.

How do I pay later in 30 days?

If you’re eligible to pay later in 30 days, you can try your order before you buy it. No upfront payment is due and your order will be shipped as normal. Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive an email with instructions to pay.

Is there a fee to pay later in 30 days or in 4 interest-free installments?

There are no upfront fees or interest when you pay in 30 days or in installments through Klarna.

Will this affect my credit score?

When you choose to Pay later in 30 days or in 4 interest-free installments, Klarna may perform a soft credit check. This type of credit check will not impact your credit score.

How can I reach Klarna?

You can reach Klarna anytime at https://www.klarna.com/us/customer-service.

Hanging Instructions

What do I need to know before I begin hanging a wall mural?

Proper surface preparation is key to getting great results. When installing Prepasted Wallpaper, Eco Bella™ - Texture or Vinyl HD - Texture, glossy surfaces should be sanded to dull the surface and dust removed with a dry cloth OR the application of a heavy duty primer should be applied 72 hours prior to installation.

SmartStick® Peel & Stick wall murals will adhere to nearly any smooth surface. Prime and paint your wall at least 30 days prior to installing SmartStick® murals. It is not recommended for high moisture areas, automobile windows, or above/near fireplaces and cribs.

For more information visit our installation page for additional specifications and common questions.

How do I take precaution with light switches and other objects on my wall?

You will want to remove any light switch covers or other objects on the wall. Then carefully trim around your light switch or outlet with a cutting tool during the application phase of installation.

What if I don't want to install my mural?

If you would prefer not to install your own mural, we can help you find someone who will. You can contact the Wallcovering Installers Association for a professional in your area.

What type of wall surface do I need to have?

Smooth walls are best when hanging our murals, however we understand that a smooth wall surface is not always achievable. If you have a lightly textured wall, orange peel or knockdown, prepasted wallpaper, Vinyl HD - Texture and Eco Bella™ are great options. SmartStick® should be installed on smooth surfaces only. You can find more information about preparing your wall or you can contact us and we will find an appropriate material and method for any job.

How do I make sure the overlap between panels doesn't show on a larger, multi-panel mural?

If you don’t like the look of an overlap on a multi-panel mural, you can easily 'double-cut' the overlap to create a seamless look. DO NOT cut the overlap on Prepasted Wallpaper murals, this may result in the seams separating.

Do I need to trim my mural when installing?

Never pre-trim your mural. After your mural has been adhered you may need to trim some overage. The overage is to accommodate irregular walls or ceiling lines.

Gift Cards

Do you offer Gift Cards?

No, we do not offer gift cards at this time.

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